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Phone Home

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유틸리티 교육
개발자: Peter Suren
0.99 USD

The ‘Phone Home’ App for iPhone or iPad, enables any name and phone number to be displayed on the lock screen, so that anyone, including Emergency Services, can see these important contact details even if the iPhone or iPad is password protected.

The safety of those close to us is important to us all. We worry about how we can be contacted if our child has an accident, if our elderly parents are suddenly taken ill, if our teenager has partied a little too hard. Life also becomes very difficult when we lose our phone and an honest person who wants to return it to us cannot do so because they don’t have contact details.

’Phone Home’ is the perfect App for your own personal comfort and security, as a gift to your children, family members, friends or indeed any person who you would want to provide the security for that someone close or perhaps medically important to us, can always be contacted.